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Mark Zuckerberg First Blog Post

August 29, 2006… Facebook is a year old now, and Mark Zuckerberg’s is yet to become the world’s youngest billionaire. You might remember this day as the one Facebook implemented some new major updates, which generated the worst impressions among facebook users. A lot of campaigns started, asking facebook to get the old design back.

Facebook users were so insistent that  Mark just had to make a statement, and here it was:

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elena baxter blogger

Elena Baxter is the Vice-President of Lifestyle + Charity. Her experience with website management, brand management and marketing is what helps the website progress.

The other part of Elena’s life involves being a mentor to high school students and raising awareness & funds for multiple non-profit organizations known all over the world, so as directing events for Eden Autism Services, Build a Nest, and Tamika & Friends.

The fashion & lifestyle field is new too me as a blogging niche, so let’s see what it has to offer…

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ali luke interview

Ali Luke (Ali Hale) is an amazing writer, who’s articles can be found abundantly across the web.  Although she’s a regular paid blogger on lot’s of fun sites like: Dumb Little Man, Pick the Brain, The Change Blog, & CopyBlogger; she also does coaching, helping with both specific work pieces & more complex strategic advice.

Let’s find out more about her work…

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must read articles

These are the fundamental articles every blogger should read in order to get to the next level. I spent quite some time surfing other blogs, and took the most spiced up posts from each. Bottom line: I chose them for their content, as the’re easy to read, give valuable information and won’t ever get old. I am not receiving any sort of credits for it, so please enjoy and leave your feedback.
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